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A Dose of Garden

Gardens are good for our bodies and minds.
Plenty of research tells us the warmth of the sun, the scent of pine and sage, the splash of moving water and the sight of colorful plants calms the mind and improves our mood.

In times of uncertainty, we can all use a dose of Garden therapy.

Here are a few of my favorite prescriptions.


Visit the Garden in the morning.

The early sun bathes the tree tops in golden light.

Sun rays glint off artwork… and dapple the paths. It feels like hope.

The Lower Pond patio is the perfect place to invite a friend for morning coffee. A double dose of goodness.

Take an afternoon stroll to the lower Gardens.
The paths amble down past rare fruit trees, shaded benches and artwork.

There are crossroads and choices to make.

“Two roads diverged… I took the road less travelled by, and that made all the difference.”    Robert Frost

Poetry in life.

Spend time at the Medicine Wheel in the Desert Garden

Native American Tribes believe the Sacred Hoop of four colors brings health and healing. It certainly offers serenity.

Stop to enjoy the view from patios near the Garden house.
The views are restful, the rosemary deeply scented. You might hear water splashing in the fountain, Labyrinth bell ringing or children laughing at play. All songs for the heart.

Watch a Sunset
December days are the shortest of the year as we head toward the Solstice.

By 4 PM, the western sky glows a deep, inspiring orange and yellow. The view is spectacular from the Ceremonial Garden.

So good for the soul.

Catch it while you can, but be out of the gate by 4:30 when it’s locked.


Practice yoga on the Rose Garden lawn. Create harmony in the body and mind through movement in nature. The yogis are on to something.


See you in the Gardens.

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