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Our New Installation – The Serpent by Ricardo Breceda

The Serpent was purchased using donations from Don and Nancy B Jones (Farmer Jones), Mayor Judy Ritter, Virginia Hueth, The Woman’s Club of Vista, GFWC, and community service groups, individuals and field trips. The “Serpent” pieces were delivered in November, and the amazing Serpent was installed in the Children’s Garden January 2016.

Children are fascinated and engaged by the scale of the sculptures and their details.“It’s been called a dragon for that fearsome head, but since it’s slithering through a sea of asparagus fern, it shall be called the Serpent,” said longtime garden volunteer Nancy B Jones, who leads children’s gardening workshops.

The kids and parents admire and become involved in the evolution of the artist’s concept and react with “Awesome!” as they circumnavigate from the tall head along the scaled humps to the tail tipped with rattles, and back again.

The Breceda sculptures are scattered through the Gardens: the Prehistoric Garden features the Triceratops, Raptor, T-Rex and Spinosaurus. The Scorpion and Agave sculptures are in the Desert Garden, and the giraffes are browsing and drinking at the bottom of the hill.

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