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Our Vision

Our Vision

Alta Vista Botanical Gardens are a living, changing and interactive environment bringing  together nature, art and people.

Our Mission

Create a botanical garden for the education, enlightenment, and inspiration for our children, and the child within us all.

Alta Vista Botanical Gardens fosters involvement of the community in efforts, both local and abroad, to protect and preserve endangered habitats, which are vital to the health of our planet and all of her inhabitants. It is a place to reflect, relax and recharge. The gardens are a living, changing and interactive environment which brings people together with nature and art. It serves as a gathering place, and educational center, a forum for the arts and an exhibit of the most remarkable, beautiful and rare plants in the world.

About Us
  • Alta Vista Botanical Gardens is a hilltop collection of beautiful scenery, peaceful experiences and a relaxing atmosphere that will provide you a place to disconnect from the digital world and enjoy the refreshing reality of living.

    We offer fourteen acres of botanicals, art and sculptures mixed together.  Our unique approach to Botanical Gardens features a wide variety of plants, walking trails, and event space.  Our walking trails display art and sculptures, throughout the 14 acres, from local talent. Our event space is host to many educational and enriching social activities.  One of our goals is the protection, preservation and care of various habitats of beautiful and rare variety of plants of the world.

    Alta Vista Botanical Gardens offers:

    • A quiet place to relax, picnic, recharge and enjoy nature with family and friends.  Visitors can appreciate scenic views wildlife and an amazing collection of the plant kingdom.
    • A center for indoor and outdoor programs featuring all types of educational and hands-on classes for both children and adults.
    • A place to hold community events, meetings, festivals, celebrations and concerts.  The gardens are a unique location to feature local artisans and merchants, plus plant sales.
    • Many wonderful nature trails for walking, jogging and an opportunity to observe and enjoy the many themed mini-gardens along the way.
    • One of our special motifs is the Bugs, Birds & Butterflies Children’s Garden which includes interactive play, music and a human sundial as well as interesting educational programs.
    • 5 Children’s Discovery Trail Guide with 18 Plant Quiz Boxes
    • Other areas include the Labyrinth, Culinary and Medicinal Herb Gardens, Arid, Australian, Rare Fruit, Prehistoric, Native and Jungle Gardens plus beautiful ponds and a waterfall.


    Alta Vista Botanical Gardens invites you to participate in our organization.  Visitors are welcome and membership is open to everyone. If you are interested in supporting botanical gardens, learning and sharing knowledge and benefiting the community please join us.

Alta Vista Gardens Board of Directors

The Alta Vista Botanical Gardens is pleased to announce its 2023 officers and board members

Officers are:

  • Ron Holloway, President
  • Naomi Stein, Vice President
  • Ann Little, Secretary
  • Rusti Dixon, Treasurer

Other Board members include:
Nancy B Jones, Bill Stein, Dave Nichols, and Victoria Stansky-Hernandez 


This place has great bones. Great hardscaping. Thoughtful structure. The perfect paths. You know what I am talking about – ones lead you throughout the entire space without maps and without much wondering. Just meandering and enjoying. Except when two paths meet and you must make a choice between a path sporting a handmade glass sign that reads “usual fruits” and another that leads to what seems to be life-sized giraffe sculptures lurking in the shrubbery.

From the moment you pull in, there is serenity. And bunnies scamping. And turtles splashing back into the small pond. And surprises. And sculptures. And plants that make you turn back and look harder at the planting. Is that??! Oh…it is! And folks who’ve loved and invested in this place over the years.