Meading at
the Garden


The largest mead festival on the west coast, Meading at the Garden features over 35 meaderies, cideries, and breweries.

As always, 100% of all proceeds are donated to the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens.

About Postponing Our Event
It is with much regret I must inform you that Meading at the Garden has been postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  We must comply with the City of Vista’s moratorium on public events.  We were unable to submit our request to the ABC for our daily license because the City of Vista must sign off on our event first, and won’t due to the San Diego County’s state of emergency proclamation.
We want to make this right!  The Alta Vista Botanical Gardens Board of Directors voted last night to reschedule the event for Saturday, April 3, 2022 .  All of your tickets for Meading at the Garden 2020 on April 4 will be honored at the event on April 3. We are offering  refunds.  If you don’t *need* a refund, please consider holding on to your tickets and joining us on August 1 or just making it a donation. Our water bill is huge!
If you cannot attend, use the normal eventbrite method for refunds and we will honor it.  (see below)
The date of Meading at the Garden 2020 that is listed on Eventbrite and the website ( will now change from April 4, 2020 to April 3, 2022 for this year only. 
I am truly sorry about this unfortunate development — it has been quite a crazy two weeks!  We will work hard to make sure the festival in 2022 is the same festival that you have come to enjoy. Many thanks for all your ongoing support! 
In 2022, the festival will return to its normal Spring date as the first Saturday in April.
Cheers, Thank You, and Much Love,
Dave Nichols, AVBG