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Ami’s Garden Donation

Ami’s Garden – In Memory of Dee Holloway

Dee Holloway

In Memory

February 1953- April 2019
Dee Holloway was a Garden member and supporter for more than 15 years.

She appreciated the beauty of the Gardens, enjoyed taking walks and helping at events.

Her grandchildren, Isabella and Bryson, loved to visit the Children’s Garden with their “Ami”.

Dee’s husband Ron Holloway, president of the AVBG Board of Trustees, their children and Grandchildren would like to create a special garden dedicated to her memory.

It will be called Ami’s Garden. 

Ami’s Garden Donation
They ask interested family and friends to donate to this project in lieu of flowers.

In Memory of Dee Holloway


It’s so magically beautiful here, my kids and I go once a week and it never gets old or loses its appeal. My dog especially enjoys it and I could swear he is literally smiling each time we are there. It’s like a little hidden treasure in a city no one would expect.