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Garden Etiquette

Etiquette at the Gardens

Alta Vista Botanical Gardens is funded by donations and maintained by community volunteers. Please treat it with care.

About Garden Etiquette

All visitors are required to observe the following Garden guidelines:

  • Please respect the Botanical Garden; treat it the way you would treat your own home.

  • Trash containers are located throughout the Garden for your convenience. Please place all litter in the bins provided.

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult chaperone at all times.

  • Stay on the paths.

  • Skating, skateboarding and rollerblading are not permitted.

  • Cars are allowed only in designated areas.

  • No climbing on trees or structures.

  • Picnic only at tables, benches and lawn.

  • No smoking, no fires.

  • It is strictly forbidden to remove plants or parts of plants from the Garden. Please refrain from picking flowers, fruits, nuts, and seeds so that all can enjoy.

  • Please do not disturb the wildlife.

Dogs are welcome to join you for a walk in the Gardens.
Please keep them leashed and under your control. We provide Doggie Poop Bags at the front gate. Please deposit them in trashcans, per City of Vista ordinance. Dogs are not allowed in the ponds.

It’s so magically beautiful here, my kids and I go once a week and it never gets old or loses its appeal. My dog especially enjoys it and I could swear he is literally smiling each time we are there. It’s like a little hidden treasure in a city no one would expect.