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Art in the Garden

Art in the Garden
The Alta Vista Botanical Gardens are proud to showcase beautiful works of art in natural settings.
Art in the Garden
From sculptures to garden art to walkways, benches and walls, the Gardens are filled with creations by some of the areas most talented artisans.
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Sculptures and Art

Tail Spin by Melissa Ralston, 2009 (Donated by Ivy Bodin) Location: Children’s Garden. Reminiscent of traditional Chinese kites, it captures a kite spinning to the ground.

Four Dinosaurs by Ricardo Breceda, 2015 (Garden owned) Location: Cycad Garden

Mouth of Truth By Bryan Morse (Donated by artist) Location: Ceremonial Lawn

Sea Breeze by Charles Bronson, 2010 (Donated by the artist) Location: northwest corner of the Garden House.

Broken Link by Tony Imatto, 2009, (Donated by Michael Vuytowecz). Location: the Labyrinth.

A Creative Bloom by Lia Strell, 2009 (On consignment) Location: Upper Jungle Garden near Palapa. Symbolic of the emergence of feminine along with the masculine.

Children’s Folly by Buddy Smith, 2009, (moasic tabletop donated to the Gardens). Created by the artist with the help of over twenty children from then Vista Boys and Girls Club with a grant from the Kenneth A. Picerne Foundation.

Miro Kite by Mindy Rodham & Paul White, 2010 (Donated by the artists) Location: Children’s Garden.

Kite of Paradise by Benjamin Lavender, 2010 (On consignment) Location: Jungle Garden below the Palapa. A representation of a Bird of Paradise, a flower from this region.

Born to Run by Charles Bronson, 2010, (Donated by the artist) Location Jungle Garden path connecting the Lower Pond to the Children’s Garden.

The Constellation Tree by Fritzie Uequhart, 2010 (On consignment) Location: Children’s Garden.

The Blessing Tree by Melissa Ralston, 2010, on consignment. Located near the entrance to the Labyrinth. Reminiscent of ancient Chinese architecture inscribed with characters representing traditional blessing.

Arboresence by John Dole, 2010, (On consignment) Location: paved road leading to the Garden Nursery. An abstract expression of arborescent life suggesting limbs, leaves moving in the breeze.

Chanson Joyeuse by Bryan Morse, 2010 (Patio and bench donated by Ivy Bodin) Location: Ivy Bodin Patio

Lamed by Morris Square, 2011, (On consignment) Location:paved road leading to the Garden Nursery.

Golden Torsion by Lia Strell, 2009. (Garden owned) Location: Pond in the Ceremonial Garden

Chef D, Shari Chef, Penelope Hoop, Silly boy Trey, Flying Chef by Philip Glashoff, 2012. Located in the Sharon Kern Culinary Garden. Five whimsical culinary themed sculptures.


The botanical gardens is really nice. But what made the visit the most enjoyable was the artwork. There are many statues and things. And there are enough little places that you can feel alone in the park.

– Eric Y.